WYSE 2015 Opening Day!

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WYSE 2014 DAY 4

WYSE 2014 Day 4 Gallery

IMG_1445IMG_1720IMG_1339IMG_1321WYSE 2014 Day 4 Gallery

Out of Frying Pan Park and into the fire of sustainable agriculture

Delegates get WYSE to what goes onto our plates from farm to fork.

Day at the farm

Day at the farm

National Zoo – WYSE Day 2

The delegates spent their day visiting the National Zoo and hearing from some of the National Zoo’s researchers and staff on the great work they are doing!

WYSE 2014 Day 2 Gallery




The delegates took on the Smithsonian National Zoo to learn more about conservation and animals on the brink of extinction. Later, even more walking— as they took in the premier sights of our nation’s capital.